Who We Are

Nicole Davis, CEO

Nicole Davis is the founder and Executive Director of the Talk2mefoundation for kids whose parents are incarcerated, and the S.O.S house (Sister Of Support) co-living house for women who are being released from federal prison, state and county jails. She is a strong community leader and the Vice President of #1S.T.V (Stop The Violence) in Chicago. She is a mother of two who returned from serving a sentence of 13.5 years in the Federal penal systems. Davis knows and understands from her personal lived experience the impact that children and families go through from separation and what it takes to support the families reunification process as a woman reentering society. On her journey Ms. Davis became an activist in her communities to support the healing of formerly incarcerated women and girls. In 2015 she launched the Talk2mefoundation for kids whose parents are incarcerated and she has been boots on the ground running since her release from federal prison. As a community activist, motivational, speaker, screenplay writer, author of Honor thy bitch, Fire and flames, 3brothaz, 262/168( Life goes on) a memoir. Davis fuel to fight to end mass incarceration is a fight that she’ll never give up on. Let’s Break the cycle

Dyamon White, LPC., APCC., NCC


Dyamon White is an active member on the board of the Talk2MeFoundtion as secretary and Sergeant of Arms. She is also the head clinician for the S.O.S house Program.  Dyamon was born in raised on the Westside of Chicago and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her Husband and Daughter. Dyamon graduated with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Concordia University-Chicago in August 2019. She is now a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois and an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of California. Dyamon currently works as Clinical Case Manager at The People Concern, an organization that services the homeless population in Los Angeles County. Dyamon has had the experience of the seeing the effects and impact that incarceration has on families. She understands how trauma plays a big role in behavior and outcomes. Dyamon’s passion and goal is driven by helping others and helping to give a voice to those who sometimes feel they do not have one.

Sharon Turner, Board Member

Sharon C. Turner was birthed and raised in Chicago.  Sharon attended Northern Illinois Univ. and Columbia College of Chicago. Sharon Turner is an activist and community organizer and entrepreneur.  Sharon also known as Shai among her friends and colleagues served in the U.S. Army, honorably discharged before arriving in 1987 to Atlanta GA. Sharon currently serves as the Advisory Committee Chair for SKIP ( Save Kids of Incarcerated Parents) GA. Inc and as a Harriet Daughterboard member for Women On the Rise an advocacy/policy nonprofit of formerly incarcerated women. Sharon is also a 2018 graduate national organizing fellow for the Center for Popular Democracy’s FED Up campaign. Sharon enjoys attending live music venues, cooking, and serving members of marginalized communities. One of her gifts is connecting people to resources and information. Sharon Turner is a Game Changer.

Sheree Davis, Board Member

Sheree Davis was born and raised on the Westside of Chicago. She is the mother of two sons and as well a grandmother of two. Sheree is an active board member of Talk2mefoundation as well as #1STV(Stop the violence). Sheree knows personally the mission behind Talk2mefoundation. Sheree has an extensive background in working with inmates and men and women that have been incarcerated. She worked with male inmates as a correctional officer at the North Lawndale adult transitional center located on the west side of Chicago. She has worked at Stateville Penitentiary being on the board for disciplinary hearings. After working with male adults for 5 years she decided that she wanted to go work with troubled youth. In 2006 She received an offer to work with youth male juvenile sex offenders. Sheree loves to be challenged so she knew this opportunity would be just that. While working at Alternative Behavioral Treatment Center she received numerous training certificates such as anger management coordinator, Trainer for therapeutic crisis intervention, etc. in 2010 ABTC shut its doors due to funding. Sheree then began working at Youth Outreach Services as a Residential counselor for a stabilization program after being there 6 months she received and was promoted to Program Manager. She has lots of experience dealing with high-risk adults and youth she knows her purpose is to help men women and youth become great citizens of society. Sheree wants everyone to succeed. Today Sheree has assisted organizations such as Talk2mefoundation and Stv create a plan to help the families and children they serve.