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Sisters of Support House (S.O.S)


Our Mission

The Sisters of Support provide a safe house in a supportive community, where we offer family reunification, job readiness and guidance for formerly incarcerated women, homeless veterans women, domestic violence survivors as they create a new pathway to live life after prison. The goal is for each woman to create an independent, successful happy life where they can thrive and feel whole again.

What We Do

The Sisters of Support is a program that is fostered by Talk2mefoundation. The Sister of Support provides temporary housing, S.O.S House. The Sisters of Support Program works alongside referral to partner agencies for Continuum of Care services, assisting the women in securing permanent supportive housing. 

Eligibility Requirements
  •  -Women, cis or trans-female-identifying

  •   -Must be formerly convicted

  •   -Over the age of 18 years.

  •  -No drug or alcohol use is permitted.

  •  -If you identify as a recovering addict, you must be participating in a recovery program and taking ownership of your recovery.

  • -Family reunification is support and children may visit for a limited period of time.

  • -Children cannot reside in the home. Visitation with one's family is scheduled.

  •  -Home Base is not intended for short-term or emergency housing. Housing up to 2 years

  •  -Will not discriminate based on crime of conviction.

  •  -Participants must participate in PACE Indy’s Career Development Program and other program supports as communicated

  • -Expected to contribute to household expenses and rent

  • -Applicants will be interviewed. 


We Tailor our support service to each individual case in order to provide the appropriate help.​

All the family must do is Talk2Me…

 We care!!


Thanks for submitting!

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