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In 2001 Nicole “Coco” Davis was found guilty and convicted on two counts of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Because of the harsh sentencing guidelines, drug offenders like Davis were getting sentences that were, in some cases longer than the time handed down to convicted murderers and rapist. While serving a 268 month sentence she utilized her time by further her education by attending colleges classes inside the prison, earning a 3.4 grade-point average through Martist College. Rather than wallow in despair, Davis kept busy throughout the years, she completed 9 novels which 2 are in stores, one stage plays while in prison and a reality show. After serving 13 ½ years on the 21 years 10-month sentence Davis returned home on a mission to help other incarcerated mothers.


In 2015 as CEO Davis launched the “TALK2MEFOUNDATION” and as a member of The national councils for formerly incarcerated women and girls to end mass incarceration. Davis join force with a longtime friend who formed an organization call #1S.T. V (STOP THE VIOLENCE). As a community advocate Nicole hopes to one day expand with dealing with urban youth gang violence prevention on gun violence around the world.

 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me”.

Antoine Day


Antoine Day was convicted of first-degree murder in 1992 and was sentenced to sixty years in prison. After serving a decade in prison, Antoine’s conviction was overturned with the help of his attorney, Howard Joseph. While some exonerees stand in the limelight upon release, Antoine quietly picked up the pieces of his life. He initially took employment in the construction field, and today he is the Outreach Coordinator of Prison Reentry at the Howard Area Employment Resource Center. In this position, Mr. Day mentors at-risk teens and parolees, implements job training and placement programs, and runs neighborhood stabilization and anti-violence programs. Antoine’s work helps to better inside and outside Illinois state prisons.

Nerika Jenkins


Nerika Jenkins was convicted of a crack cocaine for a drug conspiracy and was sentenced to 19 years in federal penitentiary. While in prison Jenkins took vocational classes -- masonry, carpentry, painting, culinary arts, Microsoft Excel and horticulture -- while serving time in Philadelphia and Danbury, Conn. After 11 years of improsinment, Nerika vowed to bounce back into society. March 2018, A Woman’s Worth Project was birthed by Nerika Jenkins in conjunction with her own experience as a returning formerly incarcerated female back into society.