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Meet Nicole Davis

Our Mission

Nicole Davis is, A proud Chicagoan raised on the west side of Chicago. A mother of 2 beautiful young ladies and 2 grandchildren. She is a proud owner of Xquisite Premier located on the west side of Chicago in the Austin community. Davis is the CEO/ Executive director of Talk2mefoundation for kids whose parents are incarcerated. The founder of The Sisters of Support House for formerly incarcerated women, human trafficking, and Domestic violence, just to name a few in Gary Indiana. As someone who was directly impacted by the justice system serving 13 ½ years in federal prison, she knows firsthand how unfair the treatment is for women. She is a sought-after national speaker who advocates for dignity, decriminalization, decarceration and to end harm to women and girls.This is how the Sisters of Support was brought to fruition. 

As a passionate community organizer, dedicated to helping secure equality (basic human rights) and second chances for justice impacted people. Supportive of initiatives and legislative policies that advance and transform smart criminal justice reform. 

After serving 13.5 years in Federal prison, she has used the power of writing to propel her above those dilemmas, her style of writing challenges her readers to join her in exploring how the self-made rich and powerful live and think in a fast-paced world. She uses her amazing and vast imagination to create her characters and a bit of her knowledge of the street to concoct her fictional characters and alluring stories to allow her readers' minds to drift off into the world in which they are reading. Nicole is the modern-day Renaissance woman some might say. She’s in the midst of wrapping up her memoir “262/168 Life Goes On” 

Professional Affiliations: 

Vice President of #1STV- Stop The Violence. 

Member of The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls.

Life After Justice. 

G.O.D- Giving Others Dreams. 

A New way of life. 

Defy Venture. 

Goldin Institute, 


Women worth project

Winn recovery

Nicole Davis has been featured in the Parle Magazine, 

Chicago Sun-Times for her writing and her organization


"We believe that every woman has the power to define her own future and change the world."

Together we can create a safer environment and break generational curses .

Join Us in Empowering Women Today!

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